Sunday, 10 May 2009

14th Post - Thursday 7th May 2009 - Happy Days & Apprehension

Well I know I said I wanted the operation as soon as possible but I didn’t expect it to be within the week.- yippee!!

I have received 2 letters through from the hospital today, 1 being that I have to go for my pre op next Monday 11th May to have my blood taken, urine tests and ecg tests and have a radiology which is basically a dye that they put inside your back passage to see if there are any leakages or anything that hasn’t healed like it should. If there is I’ve been told it is not a problem, it just means that the stoma bag needs to stay on a while longer and they carry the procedure out again 4 weeks after to see if everything has healed by that time.

My consultant was happy as I said with my recovery and feels confident that there won’t be any problem. My consultant said that he has carried out 58 of these operations and in all that time only 2 people have not been healed, so if he is confident so am I.

My consultant would like to carry out my operation next Wednesday 13th May, which I can’t quite believe. I’m so happy and again feel apprehensive just like I did before my first operation, even though I know that it will not be as big an operation, everything is moving so fast and I can’t believe that 6 weeks has passed already.

So 6 short weeks has passed now, and for some reason I am feeling quite un nerved about my second operation, don’t get me wrong I am happy with the operation been next week, but nobody seems to understand that even though this is not as big an operation as last time, I am feeling overwhelmed with it all, as everything is moving so fast. I don’t know why I’m feeling like this. I’m not so much worried about having the operation and I am really happy that my stoma bag will be gone, it is another step closer to a normal life.

I think what it is worrying me is the few weeks after the operation, I can imagine that it will be quite restricting, as I have been told that because I will be using my bowel normally for the first time in 6 weeks I will be going to the toilet up to 25 times a day, so really like having colitis again and I think that it will be harder the after math of this operation and it is taking its toll on me today. I have had quite a low day, not to be helped by having a monster hang over ( self inflicted I know) but everything just seems to be moving so fast and today I think it has just got on top of me a bit.

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  1. this is something that I am battling right now. I am in remission and go pretty much like a normal person. Once, twice a day. Now I am faced with a surgery that in my eyes will send me backwards. Ugh I feel for you. Off to read more.