Wednesday, 27 May 2009

18th Post - You are not alone

It upsets me to think that there are so many people out there still going through what I have been through and a lot more in some cases.

As happy as I am that I am getting back to good health and we are now a healthy couple, I don’t ever want to forget what I have been through to the point where it doesn’t matter anymore, because it always will do and it means a hell of a lot to me to hopefully help people who are going through this and don’t really understand it.

There are a lot of good sites out there, the j pouch website I mentioned earlier (please see link on earlier post) especially to make you realise that you are not going through your experience on your own, there are people to help you.

I know it is hard for people to share this intimately with people who don’t have the condition and you may not feel you can explain the embarrassing aspects of the illness, but anytime you are feeling like there is no way out of all this, please keep faith there is.

There are people out there who can and want to help you through this and try and take comfort in that. It is a horrible, restricting condition to go through, but don’t underestimate positive thinking.

Make sure you and your family are prepared for the journey because the more understanding you have of it, the better you will be able to deal with it.


  1. Hello,
    It was nice of you to let others know your condition. I wish you good health. My brother also went throught his first Surgery 5 days ago. He does not have any pain, but the recovery seems a bit long. His only problem now is unable to urinate on his own. He is using Catheter, for the next few days. Your blog is very helpfull and very comforthing to know that others are going throught this terrible disease.

    Thank you and Gob Bless.

  2. Hi Natalie, thank you for your postings. I am scheduled for my first surgery on June 23rd. I am really nervous and just want all to go well. My take down should be in August. I have had a hard time reading a lot of the stories online, but yours is one that I hope to duplicate. I so desperately want a positive outcome and to get my life back. I wish you the best and please keep updating.



  3. Thank you Natalie for all these posts. I am hoping you will continue with posts from post surgery and how life is treating you both J pouch wise and just in general as things get to what ever this new normal will be. I do have some questions....did you have to take steroids during your recovery time on either surgery and did they give you any idea of how long total recovery would take. I asked if we were able to continue growing our family afte surgery and they said it might take at least a year to heal maybe longer but having a baby wouldnt be an issue. Again thank you.

  4. Hi There,
    I have suffered w/ Colitis for 14 yrs. and always on meds and when a flare occurs I'm back on Prednisone for 3-4 months. I am parralyzes by my fears of the surgery, but I finnally had it and surgery is booked fir the 19th of Feb.

    I am doing it in Mt. Sinai in NYC--I am so nervous about it and hope I will be happier after it. Your blog was encouraging and I pray that you are healthier and happier.

  5. I have jsut been diagnosed with UC in april of 2010 i am on the prednisone ans salofalk meds and they havent been working as much as they can

    i am ready about your surgery and am wondering about the the procedure.

    you had the bag for 7 weeks then they removed it ? what was the 2nd operation exactly ? i thought you had to live with the bab 4ever

    thanks for you blog is great to know im not alone with this disease