Tuesday, 6 October 2009

21st Post - The aftermath

Since the last time I wrote my blog, one or two things has been happening to me.

Firstly me and Danny was out with some friends, and I was asked how long I had been off work, I told him that I went back full time after 3 weeks, he couldn't believe it, and then it dawned on me, just how quickly everything has happened. I have dealt with the physical pain and feelings towards the operation and everything that goes with it, but now I am starting to feel the emotional feelings towards it too and feel quite overwhelmed when I think about it.

I have been looking through photo's since I have been out of hospital, in the early stages when I was still a lot thinner and how my scar looked to how it looks now, and I can't quite believe it was only little over 6 months ago since the 1st operation, it's crazy!

I still get a real buzz out of doing my blog, when I receive lovely comments from people who have taken the time to read it, and hope sincerely that people can take something from it and it does help.

I hope next time I blog, that this is another stage I have gone through and moved on from. I think I just need to give myself time to think about it and absorb everything that has happened and also feel proud of going through it and coming through it stronger, just like everybody else who is going through or will be going through the same thing should think of themselves.

We all deserve a big pat on the back.