Tuesday, 26 May 2009

17th Post - Out of hospital 2 weeks after 2nd Op

2 weeks tomorrow 27th May I have had my operation and It is has been really hard to be honest, harder that what I thought, not only because I have been in pain but for some reason I have had imsomnia and not even averaging 4 hours a night sleep, but the good thing is my appetite has come back and I am again eating like a horse!

I found the pain was mostly in my anus as opposed to my actual wound, because for the first few days I was not eating hardly anything and it was only liquid coming out of me and was extremely uncomfortable whilst going to the toilet. It does say that also on the j pouch website that it is serious butt burn as they put it and I would have to agree.

I would say sudocrem is a must because the motion is still very liquidy and burns whilst going to the toilet.

The consultant doesn't want you to take imodium straight away, in case it puts pressure on the j pouch and in some cases in can pop as it has not expanded so as much as it is not nice it is essential in the early stages.

I have been to see the consultant today and he is happy for me to take it now, which is only 2 weeks on. Not pleasant at all for anybody going through it but essential, and sudocrem or other creams will help. Also fibre gel will help thicken up the motion, but again only a few weeks after the operation.

I am averaging about 8 - 9 bowel movements a day, which is nothing compared to what I thought it was going to be like. It is hard to sleep because you need to go to the toilet through the night, and you may want to get some water proof covers for the first few nights in case of leakages. I was using Tena ladies until yesterday, so again it doesn’t last long at all, but they are needed as you are trying to control it but at the same time it is also trying to control you. .

One thing I haven’t done enough of is exercise, so I would emphasise that to get exercising as quickly as possible, because I have had more aches and pains than last time probably because I haven’t done hardly any walking or anything which is a big mistake on my part.

But starting from tomorrow, the walking shall begin, no excuses!

I was dreading taking my dressing off my wound, because I was worried what it looked like. I really didnt need to worry as my scar is very neat. After a week I took the dressing off and it has been off ever since. Danny and myself has taken our nephew swimming several times without anything covering it, and there has been no problems.

My Mum asked if I would be embarrased when going on holiday and been in a bikini, I said absolutely not, I am so proud of that scar because it symbolises my good health and a happy future. I hope whoever has the operations shares my thoughts on that, because it is nothing at all to be ashamed of.

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  1. Hey gorgeous,

    I don’t think you must be picking up your e-mails often but just to let you know that I’ve just managed to have a proper look at your blog, and have been desperately trying to leave a comment, but it doesn’t post it! (just as I’ve written war and peace hmph! Haha but seriously, I want you to know how brave I think you are, and that I didn’t know what you’ve been through, I mean I didn’t understand how massive it was and how utterly debilitating it was! The bit where you had to go in a bucket and stuff, oh my lord! you poor thing! You just never showed it! like when we went to Bolton Abbey that time, you just smiled through it and made it seemed all light hearted and stuff! I feel so bad now you little soldier! How did you do it! maybe you’re not as much a drama queen as us afterall because you certainly didn’t make a fuss out of this!

    Honestly my little cuz! (I know you hate me to say that but I don’t mean it patronising!) but you are my little cuz and I’m sooo utterly proud of you, and I’m so glad you had the support of Danny and your ma and pa and sisters and I wish that I could have known more about it at the time so I could have offered more support! I’m sorry for that!

    I love you a million percent! xxxxxxx