Tuesday, 6 October 2009

21st Post - The aftermath

Since the last time I wrote my blog, one or two things has been happening to me.

Firstly me and Danny was out with some friends, and I was asked how long I had been off work, I told him that I went back full time after 3 weeks, he couldn't believe it, and then it dawned on me, just how quickly everything has happened. I have dealt with the physical pain and feelings towards the operation and everything that goes with it, but now I am starting to feel the emotional feelings towards it too and feel quite overwhelmed when I think about it.

I have been looking through photo's since I have been out of hospital, in the early stages when I was still a lot thinner and how my scar looked to how it looks now, and I can't quite believe it was only little over 6 months ago since the 1st operation, it's crazy!

I still get a real buzz out of doing my blog, when I receive lovely comments from people who have taken the time to read it, and hope sincerely that people can take something from it and it does help.

I hope next time I blog, that this is another stage I have gone through and moved on from. I think I just need to give myself time to think about it and absorb everything that has happened and also feel proud of going through it and coming through it stronger, just like everybody else who is going through or will be going through the same thing should think of themselves.

We all deserve a big pat on the back.


  1. Hi. I just happened to stop by today and here you have a new post. I am so glad that things physically are going well for you and so quick after surgery. It gives me hope. Emotionally I think I am going to be more overwhelmed than physically and that is only because I am healthy and colitis free...ok in remission... going into this and so I feel like I will be taking a HUGE step backwards and just cant get past that portion. I hope you get all your thoughts cleared the way you need too. Looking forward to your next post. ML

  2. I am six weeks post surgery number 1 of 2 and feeling nervous and anxious about some news I am waiting to hear on. I am feeling stronger each day and I am hoping that on Monday when I meet with my surgeon that we will pick a surgery date. He had mentioned that I am healing ahead of schedule and doing well so we might go sooner than 12 weeks. I am stoked about that! I am leary about the PET scan results that I will probably learn of tomorrow. Well I do hope that life is treating you well. Tell us more.

  3. I'm glad to find your blog. Our situation with colitis is different, but reading about personal accounts helps me get a perspective and learn from others' experiences...


  4. Hello

    Thank you for leaving a message on here.
    I have just briefly read through your blog about your son. I'm sorry to hear that for him. This is the first account I have come across from a child who has had it and it can't be easy on any of you, but it sounds like it has been caught quickly enough it can be treated properly and monitored as it should be.
    I wish your son all the very best and I will continue to read about his progress.