Friday, 1 January 2010

22nd Post - Some days

Happy New Year to you all. I hope your roads to recovery are good ones.

It's been a couple of months since I lost blogged, and I think I get it now.

What I mean is i've worked out what works for me food & drink wise and what doesn't. Typically some of the food I love I have trouble with, especially mushrooms and beans. I try and keep a healthy diet on the whole, but a lot of the Salad food is hard to digest, tomatoes, onion, salad on occasions, sweetcorn which leaves it quite limited. I used to have beans on toast for my breakfast and I can't have them anymore. I know this is not a big deal compared to what we have put up with in the past, more of an annoyance.

I used to drink about 2 litres of water a day at work from the filter machine, for some reason that water gives me griping pain and I always need to go the toilet within 5 minutes of drinking it, it is the same with water from the tap at home. I now buy 5 litre bottles of water and fill the kettle up with that and drink that and so far that has really helped. Luckily the large bottles of water aren't expensive, so it doesnt add much on to our food bills.

It has been 9 nonths now, since I had my first op, and my surgeon did say I would have a low immune system, so I would probably pick up infections quite regularly, and I have, I have had flu and colds and larangitis and chest infections. I've been ill just after Christmas with a 48 hour bug which made me vomit several times a day, thankfully now I feel well again, but I think I should start taking some vitamin tablets or something, see if that helps combat it.

I've got in to a routine with going to the bathroom also. Always on a morning and lately at work, I start at 8 and I have only needed to go once at 2 which still amazes me. It takes some serious getting used to. I've been out on a family walk over Christmas in the Yorkshire Dales and on the way up there I was getting quite agitated thinking about if I was in the middle of a field and urgently needed to use the toilet, I needed had bothered I didn't drink a great deal but it never bothered me, I got there and used the pub bathroom but we were out for hours and I was normal like everybody else. It was a good feeling. Maybe those feelings don't leave you but that they just get less and less as time goes on.


  1. happy new year!!! I am so glad things are going well. Such a plus to hear that your trips to the bathroom post surgery 2 are like a normal person who has never suffered with UC or having to do this surgery. Looking forward to hearing more and keeping up with you. I have post op visit tomorrow and hoping to set surgery date for second step and last!!! I am 7 weeks post surgery #1 on Tuesday. it has gone by quicker than I thought it would back in August when I was dreading this surgery. Thanks for sharing! Stay well. ML

  2. I'm glad you found out what works out with you. Hopefully it makes life more enjoyable for you.

    Director of Blogger Networks

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I am now 11 weeks post surgery and next Tuesday at exactly 12 weeks post surgery I will go in for the TAKE DOWN! I couldnt be any more pleased about this upcoming surgery. I am so excited even on this sleepless night. I am hoping that I get to experience some of the good fortune you have had after step two. Step one was rough but after about week three things looked up and I dont want to jinx it but wasnt as bad as I had imagined it would be or at least heard it might be. Well stay well and keep us posted on you. Blessings from the USA. ML

  4. Natalie- I am so happy to have found your blog! I am 28 and 3 years post colectomy. It is hard to find others who understand what we have gone through (and continue to go through). I am so thrilled to not be in pain anymore and to actually have a normal life, but as I am sure you will realize - if you haven't already- living without a colon isn't a walk in the park. I am curious (and this is very personal, but I guess we are all pretty desensitized to the subject of bm's) whether you have any accidents. I do and am wondering whether it is "normal." I have to keep extra underwear in my desk drawer at work because sometimes when I cough or sneeze, I will go in my pants. Not the most professional feeling for an attorney, but luckily, I haven't gone in court (yet) ;) I look forward to hearing more about your experiences and enjoy knowing that there are more of us out there. Best wishes from Savannah, GA. Meredith G.

  5. As we come up on 2011 I wanted to see how your 2010 had been. I have come by a few times and no updates. I hope you are well and that all your dreams are coming true. Healthy wishes, ML

  6. Hello Natatie, i just found your blog, and been reading it. I too am a young sufferer of UC. I started getting sick my first year of college. I suffered with it for years until finally having the total colectomy in September of '09. I really have enjoyed reading some of your blog. I think you are right. Those feeling we had for so long don't just disappear. They more get less and less with time.
    A UC Friend,

  7. Hello Jessica.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I'm really pleased to have been of some help to you.

    You had your operation 6 months after me in 09, so we are relatively similar in our progress. I hope you will continue to be healthy and happy, and enjoy the new you.
    Natalie. :)