Sunday, 13 September 2009

20th Post - 3 months plus since the last op

Well it has been a while since I have last updated my blog, because to be honest there wasn't an awful lot to report.

I am back at work full time and have just fallen back into the usual routine with no major hiccups. It is good to be back to my usual routine, even though it's hard getting up on a morning, no change at all there!

I can eat pretty much anything I like, enjoy alcohol, and no urgency to use the toilet. It's been the best thing I have ever done and am feeling on top form.

Since I came out of hospital, I have started with restless leg, which is bloody awful. Only in bed though just as I am about to sleep, it starts spasaming and keeps me awake, which is really annoying. At first I thought it was quite funny but now it's just more annoying than anything.

I went for a massage at my Auntie's recently, to see if that would help. My consultation before hand I realised that I have been drinking too much fizzy drinks and I haven't got good circulation
which I keep on meaning to do some exercise which should help, but as yet it is just a good intention.

I laid off the fizzy drinks and that seems to have helped, but it isn't consistent so I can go a few weeks without it and all of a sudden it comes back.

I go and see my consultant next Tuesday, don't really have a lot to ask him since last time I saw him. I don't have any issues I can think of.

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  1. Hey Natalie,

    First I'm glad to hear your surgeries went well. I'm 23, and I had colitis since I had been 9 and I had dysplasia. So I found out I was going to need this surgery on April 28th, and got it done on June 1st, and then on August 3rd I had my take-down. I just wanted share my experience real quick for anyone who's interested.
    I had a harder time especially my first surgery. I think I had a total of 5 infections, and that kept me in the hospital for 19 days. I remember trying to get up out of bed the second day without getting pain medicine beforehand and quickly found out it would take a few more days when I could become independent from the morphine. I had to go home with a tube that drained to get rid of one infection and I had that in for about one month.
    It took me 4 days before I at solid food and combined with the infections it took me about 5 weeks before I could walk around the house like normal since I had been in bed so long, and by six weeks I was able to do a few things in the gym.
    I think the second hardest thing about this was just being in the hospital. I've had more than 25 surgeries for various reasons and never had to stay in the hospital for more than 2 days. But staying for 19 days and then 8 for the next surgery was incredibly hard, so my advice is to not underestimate it.
    The hardest thing I dealt with though was being incredibly embarrassed about having an ileostomy. My friends and family tried to comfort me in respect to it, but it was just too much for me. It's a completely different lifestyle and for me I was filled with thoughts of whether it may leak or not, but I think by the end of the second month I had gotten more used to it.
    My second surgery was just as painful as the first, if not more. The worst part though was the 4th day I think. The day before I had a clear liquid diet and the next day I went to the bathroom 28 times, so it was about every 40 minutes. It thankfully only lasted a day, one thing that will definitely help is eating peanut butter.
    Hopefully this helped someone out, I know it has more of a negative feel to it but I think I would've been a little more prepared knowing that I could potentially have been in the hospital for that long and how it can have a huge affect on you emotionally. It's been about 3 months since my take-down, and for the most part I'm ok.

    God Bless