Monday, 13 April 2009

8th Post - The ups and downs of being out of hospital

Had a pretty lazy day today, the stoma bag leaked at 5.00am this morning so my mum and dad were trying frantically to get a new bag put on, but it was so active, it just kept pouring out for nearly an hour, my poor mum was going to work in the morning so she will have been tired out but never complained once. Finally got settled at 6.00am to wake up at 8.30 and it had leaked again.

I rang Danny and he came down within 10 minutes and off we went again. Everytime it was cleaned and dry and ready for the new bag to be fitted it would start again, like a naughty child or something, you have to laugh about it there is nothing you can do after all. So nearly an hour after cleaning it again it finally went on. We went to see my surgeon this afternoon, he was more than happy with my progress, the scar is so neat and tidy, it is weeping slightly but he wasn’t worried about it at all.

My surgeon did say that in case I was in 2 minds after having the surgery (which I wasn’t at all) there was a possibility that my bowel could have perforated and it had started to affect my appendix also which would have meant emergency surgery and no neat scars like I have got. It could possibly be 7-8 weeks when I go back in for the reversal which is fantastic as I thought it would be another 10 weeks. My surgeon told me he took 2 mtrs out of me which is 6 1/2 foot and i’m sure I have shrunk, some combat pants I wear usually fit me well but now they are dragging on the floor.

Oh well good excuse to buy some new clothes!!

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