Monday, 13 April 2009

3rd Post - Friday 13th March 2009 - Prior to the Surgery

I am going in for my operation on the 25th March 2009 to remove my bowel from having ulcerated colitis. I have had this horrible condition for just over 3 years now, the first year or so, I was fine and didn’t even realise the true extent of the condition, I didn’t or don’t remember looking into the condition to find out what it was, I was just on tablets, I can’t remember the name of them, but I didn’t think anything of it, as I said, I really didn’t realise just what an effect it would have on my life, and my families life.

Before I had this awful awful condition I have never even heard of it, but because it is far from glamorous it rarely gets spoken about in the media, which I understand to be honest, people who don’t have this or don’t know anybody who has this, wont want to hear about it, is it ignorant? That I think is down to opinion.

I am writing this because in less than 2 weeks time, I hope to be rid of this ball and chain round my neck (colitis) and I want to look back and remember just what a burden this was on my life. In your 20’s when you should be going out partying socialising anyway, it makes it extremely restricting.

Another reason why I feel so strongly about having this operation is because me and my partner would like to start a family and I cannot begin to think about this until I am in good health. I feel let down by the NHS I have been seeing the same alledged specialist at my local hospital since the start and near enough everytime we have gone he has just prescribed me stronger drugs and more of them, there was no care or even consideration for my well being,

I am going to try and remember all this, because I hope that in a few years, looking back, all this will just be a distant memory.

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